Dojo dues:

Anchorage Dojo is staffed by volunteer instructors who are certified coaches and referees.
Efforts are made to minimize costs to our students.

Dues for the evening classes:
paid monthly: $50 per student. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Anchorage Dojo provides scholarships to individuals and families in need of assistance with club dues.
No part of these dues are refundable.

Registration costs:

The yearly registration fee (periodically subject to revision based on national organization fee increases) = $110.00.
This covers registration with USA Judo and USJF for insurance purposes.
All fees are payable at time of registration and no part of these fees are refundable. Registration with at least one of the
National Judo organizations is required before any participant may step on the Judo mat.


Please fill out the dojo registration form, dojo risks and expectations as well as the USJF and USA Judo registration forms.
USA Judo gives discounts for online registration.
(Printed forms my be picked up at the dojo)

registration form   Dojo registration form
Risks and Expectations   Dojo liability form
Anchorage dojo registers it’s members with both USA Judo and the United States Judo Federation (USJF)
USA Judo registration form   Registration with the National governing body
USA Judo registration online   Registration with the National governing body
USJF registration form   Registration with a class B National governing body.
(Dojo and Yudanshakai are already filled in)
USJF registration form editable   Registration with a class B National governing body.
(This is the same form as above, but it can be fill out on your computer before printing.)